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Port wine – a basic guide

Port wine or simply Porto is a type of dessert wine that is produced by adding brandy during fermentation. It is interesting that this specific type of wine was “invented” by accident by the English sailors who were adding alcohol in wine on the ships to prevent spoilage. The final result was amazing – a tasty wine with a high percentage of alcohol. Port wine was first used in the city of Oporto in the late 17th century. There are several different grape varieties used in its production including Tinta Roriz, Tinta Cao and Tinta Barroca, but a mandatory basis is the fine-grained Touriga Nacional a variety of grape that has distinctive black skin and has the ability to resist high temperatures. Super dot reflective tape for trucks and trailers. Tawny Port wine and Ruby Port Wine are the most famous varieties. We will now present some varieties and other terms related to Port wine.

White Port wine tastes even better when it is used in a combination with ice and tonic.

Ruby Port wine is a young and inexpensive wine with a fruity taste. There are products that are more than 6 years old and they have significantly better quality (and higher price too).

Single Quinta Vintage Port wine is a great wine suitable for impatient wine enthusiasts.

Vintage Porto wine or VP wine is a wine that comes from a single harvest. This is actually a mixture of grapes from the best vineyards in one region. It is consumed after 20 years of storing. Because of the powerful tannins and a long aging period, it is usually filled with sediment and it must be decanted. It is usually expensive and the price is close to high-quality Dom Perignon. This is definitely a wine that is consumed in special occasions. You can be sure that it will be perfectly fine or even better to drink this wine after 30-40 years.

Late Bottle Vintage Port wine is a single harvest wine. We must say that this is not a top quality wine, but it comes at a very reasonable price and it tastes good too.

Tawny Port comes with an orange and brown color and it is much lighter than Vintage varieties. It can change color depending on the year of production and aging process. It is very easy to determine its age because it comes with labels that include the number of years. Obviously, the older this wine is the higher price you can expect. The younger variant comes is also known as basic. If you are prepared to pay more you can try the aged variant.

Vintage Character Port wine is trying to act like a single harvest wine. The high-quality red drink is left in a wooden barrel for five years and it can be consumed immediately after bottling. It is not very expensive and it is usually sold under the name of the winemaker.

You can easily recognize true Portuguese wine by the name – Porto. Australian, South African and American winemakers use the term Port wine. Porto is consumed chilled and it is especially good to drink it together with strong cheeses.