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Pairing Wine

How to pair wine and (not so) healthy food?

If you do some research you will find many articles that provide tips about wine pairing, but most of the foods you see in these articles are not very popular or even unknown to the public. In some cases, you are able to recognize the food, but this food is very expensive or unavailable in your area.

While it is true that wine is a special beverage, this doesn’t mean that we will commit heresy if we drink wine with some foods that we use on a daily basis. There is no doubt that so-called ordinary or even junk food can be paired with different wines, but people who are trying to establish themselves as authorities in this field are trying to come up with some new and exotic combinations in order to improve their rating in the eyes of the public. This is the reason why you can rarely find suggestions for pairing wine and “normal” food. Luckily, we have a short list of combinations that will make any wine and food lover happy.

Eating burgers and drinking red wine

Who would’ve thought that burgers found in fast food restaurants can be combined with wine?  This popular food that consists of burgers, cheese and buns enriched with additives is often consumed in a combination with carbonated drinks. However, if we use certain red wines, we can truly enrich its taste. The warmth that comes from Shiraz grapes and certain tannins will pave the road of each bite you make. In case you can find some South African pinotage wine, we strongly recommend using it with hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Looking to give a great wine this season?

Sparkling wines and French fries

It is very difficult to find some food that is as tasty as French fries. These crunchy, salty and tasty fried naturally demand beer. However, before you take a glass of beer, think about this – the beer usually serves as mouthwash that can help us get rid of salt from the oral cavity. You can barely notice the taste of beer when you eat French fries. On the other hand, sparkling wines like prosecco, Champagne and almost all other sparkling wines can make a huge difference. What makes them special is the fact that they will help you experience a completely new feeling. Your French fries have never tasted better and we are sure about that.

White wines and popcorns

Popcorns are favorite pastime for many people and their use is increasing in the winter season. These snacks are not just children’s joy or a snack used only by movie lovers. A bowl full of tasty, aromatic, white, salty popcorns can activate all your senses and make you feel alive. Just like in the case of French fries, beer doesn’t provide many effects when combined with popcorns. Te same goes for soft drinks. On the other hand, fine, aromatic white wines can make the world around you more exciting. These wines will wash away the accumulated fat and it will help you feel the real taste of popcorns.